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1. I assist you in clarifying your most important values and what you truly want for yourself
2. I help you step powerfully through major life changes by continuously focusing on your values and goals
3. I generate substantive ideas and suggestions to resolve specific roadblocks that stop and hinder you from your goals and desires
4. I suggest specific goals and structures that help you distinguish yourself from your feelings and negative thoughts
5. I make sure you recognize and honor yourself with very clear structures, rituals, and exercises
6. I help you see your circumstances from multiple perspectives in addition to the one you currently have
7. I assist you in developing rituals integrating your spirituality with your coaching and personal growth
8. I assist you in prioritizing your goals to balance your activities and desires with your life needs and purpose
9. I develop structures for accountability to ensure important tasks are accomplished

What Coaching Can Do For You

Whether you are a small business owner or an executive with a business or other organization, you can maximize your effectiveness with overall balance and fulfillment between your life, career, and personal aspirations.

Whether you are dealing with major transitions such as changing jobs or careers, being transgendered, or moving into or out of a relationship, you can navigate these challenges powerfully in meeting your personal, professional, and life balance needs.

Whether you are someone who is seeking to integrate your spirituality with your daily life or is seeking the most fulfilling life possible for yourself, you can establish the foundation for living and expressing fully the most essential aspects of your life.

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