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“Doing What's Needed”

October 2007

As a business and life coach, I consistently observe that many business owners fail to do what they must to help their businesses thrive.  Their inaction is not from the lack of knowledge or the desire for success.  In fact, many business owners know exactly what to do.  Nevertheless, they struggle against their own best interests by not following through on the basic steps that will help them succeed. [Full Text]

“Important Questions For Your Electrology Practice - Part I”
EAC Newsletter

Running a successful electrology practice takes consistent focus and action.  You must learn the skills to be an effective practitioner and simultaneously develop the knowledge for the marketing and operational aspects for the business side of your practice.

However, an important objective for any business owner such as yourself is being very clear about your specific reasons for why you started and continue to operate your business.  You, like the vast majority of business owners, started your practice for a specific reason or set of reasons.  However, the challenges of running a business can overshadow your initial motivations as more time goes by.  As a result, you may find yourself feeling unsure and not as enthusiastic as you did when you first started. [Full Text]




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