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“Important Questions For Your Electrology Practice - Part I”
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Running a successful electrology practice takes consistent focus and action.  You must learn the skills to be an effective practitioner and simultaneously develop the knowledge for the marketing and operational aspects for the business side of your practice.

However, an important objective for any business owner such as yourself is being very clear about your specific reasons for why you started and continue to operate your business.  You, like the vast majority of business owners, started your practice for a specific reason or set of reasons.  However, the challenges of running a business can overshadow your initial motivations as more time goes by.  As a result, you may find yourself feeling unsure and not as enthusiastic as you did when you first started.

If you find yourself questioning your desire for your work, asking some fundamental questions can help you re-visit why you initially became an electrologist.  In this first of two articles, here is an initial set of inquiries you may want to ask yourself to help you spark your interest once again:

FIRST QUESTION: Why Did I Become An Electrologist?

As a starting point, you may want to ask yourself “Why Did I Become An Electrologist?".  This question might sound so obvious that it might seem silly to ask at first.  However, it could be very helpful to ask anyway because the answers you receive today might illuminate some critical things you may or may not know or perhaps have forgotten.

An important reason to consider this question is that it is possible to lose sight of the vital motivations for starting your practice.  Many things can get in the way.  For example, paperwork, licenses, continuing education, business expenses and taxes, ordering supplies, customers who don’t pay on time or not at all are some of the well-known considerations of running a business.  Depending on your personal perspective and circumstances, dealing with one or more of these areas is simply a necessity or can be a big problem.  Over time, these items or something else may cloud your initial passion for setting up your practice and possibly diminish your satisfaction and desire. 

The Key Point: Maintaining Your Original Vision for Becoming An Electrologist
Maintaining your original vision is essential when dealing with the inevitable requirements and challenges of operating your business.  Otherwise, you may possibly start losing your enthusiasm and motivation.  The key point of asking yourself the question about why you wanted to become an electrologist is that you can regain and maintain your focus and effectiveness by re-connecting with those powerful, initial reasons for becoming an electrologist and starting your practice in the first place.

SECOND QUESTION: Why Do Your Customers Choose You As Their Electrologist?

This question can help you identify how you can best keep customers and revenue coming in the door.  The basic fact is that without any customers, you don’t have a business!  Therefore, it is very important to know specifically why someone chooses to see you. 

The simple explanations could be:

  1. Your quality of skills and service is great
  2. Your service helps them look great
  3. They like your personality and how you interact with them

Just as you may have examined your initial rationale for becoming an electrologist, you may want to discover the underlying reasons why your clients choose to work with you.  Looking beyond the stated explanations can help you understand their important emotional and mental needs.  For example, when a client says you help her look good, what she may really mean is that you are helping her feel good about herself.  If a customer says he appreciates working with you, he may mean that it is important to know that someone cares about him.  When a customer says your service is great, he or she might also mean that they feel as if you really are interested in taking care of his or her needs.

If you can learn what your clients truly want, the better you can meet their fundamental motivations so that they continue working with you and refer their family and friends to you.

The Key Point: Knowing The Real Reasons Why Your Clients Work With You

By investigating what customers really want, the essential explanations that are not apparent but which are even more important than the superficial reasons can give you great insight about why you are their electrologist.  You can understand their basic motivations, and you can better anticipate and meet their most basic needs. You can also become much better skilled at providing what they truly want.  Most importantly, the more you can address their deeper personal goals with your services, the more you can make them feel happy about themselves and in turn bring more business more easily to your practice.

In the second part of this series, I will provide more questions that can assist you further in helping you focus and grow your practice.


Thornton Prayer is a business and life coach, motivational speaker, and seminar leader who supports organizations and individuals seeking optimal performance, clarity of purpose, continuous growth, and decisive accomplishment.  The name of his coaching practice is Whole Life Coaching which is based Walnut Creek, California.  He has helped numerous entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses.

If you are interested in finding out how Thornton could help your electrology practice thrive and excel, you can reach him at 925-946-0609 or at tprayer@ix.netcom.com.  His website is http://www.wholelifecoaching.us.

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“Important Questions For Your Electrology Practice - Part I”


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