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“Doing What's Needed”

October 2007

As a business and life coach, I consistently observe that many business owners fail to do what they must to help their businesses thrive.  Their inaction is not from the lack of knowledge or the desire for success.  In fact, many business owners know exactly what to do.  Nevertheless, they struggle against their own best interests by not following through on the basic steps that will help them succeed.

Inaction when you know what to do to succeed, has many different dimensions: fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the unknown, fear of breaking the rules, fear of standing out, fear of feeling like you’re a fraud, etc., etc.  The list, depending on the individual, could be endless.  Even though the various reasons for inaction could vary, the common element usually boils down to one source – FEAR.

Although fear is a natural mechanism that helped our ancestors survive a dangerous world, the protections of modern life give most of us the opportunity to avoid the basic challenges for survival.  Yet fear still gets in the way of what we can and should do to grow our businesses.

Any fear-based thoughts and emotions that come up such as “I can’t be successful”, “I’m not good enough”, or “No one will want to work with me” can have a major impact in stopping you from moving forward.  Your beliefs based on your fears about yourself and your practice may not reflect the reality of your situation, but the aftereffects can be very real.  If you are not fully aware of what and how any fears are affecting your thoughts and actions, you may find yourself not in action and not understand why you are not satisfied with the size and growth of your business.

Therefore, to move forward requires the willingness to look directly at your fears and understand their effects on your mindset and activities.  More importantly, you must also be willing to recognize that your fears can exist and still move forward with what you want and need to do.  In other words, you can be afraid and be in action at the same time.  In the end, you can be very afraid and still have everything you want.

Many successful people are very fearful in doing their work, yet they recognized the importance of dealing upfront with their fears while focusing on their major goals.  This recognition is vital and is available for anyone who wants success in business and in life.

Anyone can do this and have a successful and thriving practice.  I invite you to do everything you need to do in spite of your fears so that you can have everything that you truly want.


Thornton Prayer is a business and life coach, motivational speaker, and seminar leader who supports organizations and individuals seeking optimal performance, clarity of purpose, continuous growth, and decisive accomplishment.  The name of his coaching practice is Whole Life Coaching which is based Walnut Creek, California.  He has helped numerous entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses. 

If you are interested in finding out how Thornton could help your business thrive and excel, you can reach him at 925-946-0609 or at tprayer@ix.netcom.com.  His website is http://www.wholelifecoaching.us.

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Whole Life Coaching Articles

Doing What's Needed
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